South Korea: IOC reacts to Richard Pound's 'old farts' comments

Journalist: «What is the quorum number, 51?» Mark Adams, International Olympic Committee's spokesperson: «It's half the members plus one.» Journalist: «Half the members present, or half the members...» Mark Adams, International Olympic Committee's spokesperson: «As discussed, I am not the head of protocol, so I cannot give you an exact chapter and verse, but we are confident, we will have a... Еще quorum, so it's a non-question. Well it's not a non-question, you are very free to ask it Steve, but the answer is we will have a quorum.» The International Olympic Committee (IOC) told its longest-serving member and World Anti-Doping Agency Founding President Richard («Dick») Pound that he was free to leave the organisation after the Canadian described its members as «old farts» for not being tougher on Russia over doping, during a press conference in Pyeongchang, Wednesday. «In the end, if you don't like the coffee that it's served in the coffee shop, and you don't like the deco and you don't like the prices, then you maybe go to another coffee shop», stated IOC spokesperson Mark Adams. Adams explained to reporters that IOC Vice-President John Coates had written a letter in response to Pound's comments, in which he described them as «offensive». He went on to say that it was clear from the letter sent by Coates that he wished to remind Pound that the IOC had held «at least a couple of hours» of discussion whether to allow clean Russian athletes to participate in the PyeongChang games. «There was a full discussion of that, there was a vote on that, and it was unanimous, apart from two abstentions, one of which was Dick Pound,» Coates pointed out. Richard Pound was quoted recently by British paper the Evening Standard as saying «The only people that scare these old farts are athletes saying 'if you won't clean this up, we're not going to participate in these events'». During the daily press briefing, Adams refused to comment on the on-going case of alleged doping from a Russian athlete, on which he says an announcement should be expected soon from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

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