South Korea: IOC President had 'good meeting' with Russian athletes, says spokesperson

SOT, Mark Adams, IOC spokesperson (English): «No, I mean I think he's perfectly entitled, he's a member of the IOC and a long standing doyen [dean] of the IOC, he's perfectly entitled to his views. I think what we saw at the session was that he is in a minority, if not of one then a very small minority. And that's fine and we like criticism, it was a very open debate at the session about this... Еще issue, and it was good to hear what he had to say but in the end I'm sure Mr. Pound would agree with the ideas of democracy. It's important that individuals have a voice, that individuals are listened to, that individuals by the way also are allowed to be judged if they can take part in the Olympic Games as well of course but that in the context of the IOC, his voice is heard but then the majority decision, in this case a large majority decision, I think unanimous in fact, two abstentions, is listened to. And I'm sure as a firm supporter of democracy he would uphold that right too.» The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said its president Thomas Bach had a «good meeting» with Russian athletes competing under the Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR) delegation, during a briefing in Pyeongchang on Thursday. IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said Bach spent the previous night at the Olympic Village and that «with the Russian individual athletes it's good for them to be able to voice any concerns or discuss with them.» Adams also responded to comments on IOC member Dick Pound’s hard stance on the participation of Russian athletes in the Games. «What we saw at the session was that he is in a minority, if not of one then a very small minority,» Adams said. The spokesperson of the Pyeongchang Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (POCOG) informed the presser that 60 tents were damaged in the Olympic facilities due to strong winds. The winds resulted in the injuries of some staff and spectators and several events were postponed or rescheduled.

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