South Korea: Fans jubilant as OAR hockey team beats Norway 6:1

journalist (Russian): «Tomorrow is the last day before the semi-final, how will you spend it? Sergei Kalinin, Forward of Team Olympic Athletes from Russia (Russian): «As usual, we will have a training session, then some rest, then we will train and then rest afterwards.” Spirits were running high among Russian sports fans on Wednesday after the men's hockey team for the Olympic Athletes from... Еще Russia (OAR) won with a landslide victory of 6:1 to Norway in Pyeongchang. Russian fans cheered for the victorious OAR team outside of the Gangneung Hockey Centre after the men's quarterfinals. “We believe that we will win against the Czechs in the half-final and then fight in the final game for gold, 100 percent», one jubilant fan exclaimed. In answer to a question on plans for the upcoming days, forward of the OAR team Sergei Kalinin said that the team could expect nothing more than repeated training and rest. The OAR are set to face the Czech Republic hockey team in the semi-finals on Friday.

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