South Korea: American ski coach 'proud to have opportunity' to help OAR athlete during race

US women's ski team coach Matt Whitcomb said he felt «proud» of being able to help Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR) competitor Aleksei Vitsenko who was involved in a crash during an Olympic race, speaking in Pyeongchang on Wednesday. Calling the cross-country skiing teams «a family,» Whitcomb said «we often benefit from Russian or Norwegian coaches giving our athletes a pole in a race and we'll... Еще do the same.» Whitcomb recounted an experience of the Russian and US women's teams having tea and cookies together in Davos three years before, calling it «one of those moments in my career that I will remember.» Whitcomb called the barring of Russian athletes from the ongoing Winter Olympic Games «unfortunate». «I just have to trust that due process has been given to them in the Court of Arbitration for Sport,» he added.

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