South Africa: Hundreds march over rural farm murders

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Pretotia on Saturday demanding the government help stop a wave of murders on rural farms. The Stop farm Murders movement marched from the Pretoria Art Museum to the steps of Union Building, the official seat of government. Among the speakers was Dr Duncan Prinsloo, who wife was killed during a farm attack in 2008. He had a strong message for Economic... Еще Freedom Fighters’ leader Julius Malema, “I will give him a rifle. I will load it and I will stand still so that he can finish what [the murderers of my wife] began. But I want to see if he is a man because he can shout out to the youngsters and tell them to go and murder the farmers on their farms.» The protest was organised by the civil rights group AfriForum, who campaign for the rights of Afrikaners. Some claim that white farmers in South Africa are being targeted. The protesters called for better protection from Jacob Zuma’s government.

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