Сотни людей протестуют против визита Трампа в Эль-Пасо после смертельной массовой стрельбы

Hundreds of people gathered in El Paso's Washington Park on Wednesday to protest US President Donald Trump 's to the city after a deadly mass shooting took place in the city on Saturday. Protesters can be seen with placards and banners as speakers and performers took to the stage. «Trump is coming to tell us today here that the violence is due to video games, mental health, let me say this clear... Еще and loud: Trump is responsible and he is part of the problem,» said community leader Alejandro Vargas while addressing those in attendance. Brandon, a survivor of the shooting that took place in a local Walmart, explained his reasons for attending the demonstration. «Today I am actually here supporting my community because I got tired of all the hatred and racism that is going on in this city. I feel it is time for us to come together as one, and come into unity and that is what El Paso is about,» Brandon said. The US is currently reeling from two mass shootings over the last weekend, with 22 people being shot dead in El Paso, Texas on Saturday, August 3, and a further ten people, including the perpetrator, being killed just 14 hours later in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday, August 4. The incident in El Paso is being investigated as a possible incident of 'domestic terrorism' as the suspect is believed to have specifically targeted Mexicans and people of Hispanic origin.
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