Somalia: Survivors and doctors share harrowing details in wake of deadly Mogadishu blast

Dozens of injured people laid in hospital beds and across hallways at the over-crowded Madino Hospital in Mogadishu, Sunday, one day following a truck bomb blast that left at least 230 people killed and wounded hundreds more. On survivor, Ibrahim Mohamed, recounted, “I saw a large truck ramming into cars and police running behind him firing at him, and then suddenly there was a loud noise that... Еще is the last thing I remember, then I wake up at the hospital.” “Five minutes after the explosion the wounded pouring to the hospital, 75 wounded people were brought to the hospital,” Dr. Mohamed Yusuf, who works at the hospital, said. He added, “It was the saddest incident I have ever seen.» Somali Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir expressed his condolences to the victims’ families, and declared that national mourning would be extended to three days.

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