Somali mechanic becomes national icon after building 'tank' and sea-bicycle

Supporting the idea of playing a constructive role in the development of his country, 27-year-old Somali mechanic Abdullahi Mohamed Ali, built a small tank-style vehicle and a sea bicycle, using just materials on hand. Footage from Mogadishu, shows Ali as he works on and tests his latest creations, on Friday and Saturday. After moving to Mogadishu from his hometown of Marka, Ali worked as an... Еще operator at a ship routing between Somalia and the United Arab Emirates. In 2015 he quit his job and decided to become a mechanic. After learning the basics of mechanical engineering, Ali gave his creativity free rein, starting to design and produce his own vehicles. «I tell the young Somalis — you can make factories and manufacture companies with your hands. If we stand united, we can really do extraordinary developments in our beloved homeland,» Ali said. Being a father of three children, Ali claimed that he wanted to show the world that despite Somalia's long civil war and devastation, the «consciousness» of the country's people is still «alive.» «And I also want to show the world we can build battle tanks as Russia did,» Ali said. Attracted by his innovative thinking and courage, ordinary Somalis view him as an important national icon that can change the East African nation's image that has been dubbed as a «failed state.» «He is a person who should be encouraged and he is also someone who should be given a big support,» said a Mogadishu resident.

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