Slovenia: Anti-immigration party leader casts vote in parliamentary election

Former Prime Minister and Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) leader Janez Jansa voted alongside his wife Urska Bacovnik at their local polling station in the town of Sentilji on Sunday. Jansa told reporters that while the day's vote would not result in immediate stability for the country, it would mark, «the first step to becoming a country that puts Slovenian people first — their safety and... Еще their prosperity.» «There will be some surprises at the elections, especially in terms of the fragmentation of the Slovenian political space; restructuring on the left side. We'll probably have to wait for the turbulence to settle down before we can start taking decisions», he added. The anti-migration SDS, headed by Jansa since 1993, are considered favourites to win the Slovenian parliamentary election.

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