Sleight of Hand-Theft-Auto! Woman takes cops for a 100mph ride after slipping out of handcuffs

A Texas woman who was arrested for shoplifting managed to slip out of her handcuffs before stealing a police car and leading the officers on a 23-minute, 100mph (160km/h) car chase, Wednesday. As Lufkin police searched through a bag of stolen goods, Toscha Sponsler, 33, from Pollok was recorded taking off her seatbelt and then manoeuvring her wrists out of the cuffs before jumping behind the... Еще wheel and taking off. Cuff me if you can! The high-speed pursuit came to an end when patrol cars clipped the rear of the hijacked vehicle, causing Sponsler, who was apparently reaching for a shotgun, to lose control. After the ordeal, police responded by installing a 'tactical window limitation device' to stop future wannabe carjackers shown in a video with the hashtag #foolmeonce.
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