SKULLS get a shade of CUTE on «Day of the Natitas» in La Paz

Bolivians from across the country marked the annual Festia de las Natitas, carrying skulls of the deceased wearing sunglasses, hats, and sometimes smoking cigarettes, in La Paz, Wednesday. The festival, the name of which translates as 'the little pug-nosed ones' is an Aymara tradition which has roots prior to Spanish colonisation of Bolivia and combines indigenous beliefs with Catholicism... Еще. Devotees carry the skulls in elaborate boxes and decorations of cocoa leaves, sweets and even cigarettes to churches and cemeteries, before sprinkling holy water on them. «Entertaining» the skull is believed to allow the soul immersed within it to protect the devotees' families and homes. The origins of the skulls are irrelevant to the devotees — some belonging to deceased relatives are centuries old, whilst others are donated by medical schools or friends.

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