Singapore: Malaysian labourers choose to stay and work as homeland goes under lockdown

Thousands of Malaysians who commute daily to Singapore for work were forced to make a quick decision to either remain in Singapore to continue working or head home, as Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced a general lockdown to fight coronavirus on Monday night that then came into effect on Wedenesday. Footage filmed on Thursday shows a Malaysian chef, who used to cross the border... Еще to Singapore every day on his way to work like thousands of his compatriots, as he recalls his reasons for opting to stay in the city-state. He stressed that due to the border closure, many Malaysians who commuted daily to Singapore had to choose between securing their working place or staying next to their families. «Personally, I think the lockdown is good in some sense. But for us traveling to Singapore to work particularly for me, I felt like it was too short notice,» he said. The young man made the tough decision to keep working at the Belo restaurant, and the management, according to his words, didn't wait to help him. «The second when bosses knew about my situation they asked me if I wanted to move into a hotel as they managed to secure a room for me,» said the young chef, now lodged at the G hotel. «I hope that I have the strength to continue through next month, if it will continue two more weeks means it will be a month that I am going to stay without my family. If that is the case I will have to pull it off,» he added. On Wednesday, the Malaysian Government closed its borders until March 31 due to a significant increase of COVID-19 cases after a religious event at Kuala-Lumpur mosque, attended by 16,000 people. The total amount of infected has raised to 900, according to health authorities.

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