Singapore: Company develops 'first in the world' UV-C disinfection robot

A Singaporean company has developed a robot that they say is the first UV-C disinfection robot, as seen on Saturday at an office in the Wisma Atria shopping centre in Singapore. The manufacturer, Otswaw Digital, states that the robot, dubbed the O-RX, kills more than 99 percent of viruses and bacteria within a range of 2.5 metres (8.2 feet). According to Ling Ting Ming, CEO of Otsaw, the robot was first tested on E. coli bacteria and managed to achieve almost complete disinfection in ten minutes of cleaning. «Therefore we hope to see we can kill this coronavirus even in a shorter time in the lab test,» the businessman said. The robot works for five hours on one full charge, can be controlled remotely and is equipped with self-driving sensors and a 360-degree camera In order to be autonomous and therefore safer for the cleaning staff. For disinfection, O-RX uses LEDs that emit short-wave UV-C light which is highly effective at targeting microbes, but which doesn't pose the skin cancer risks of UV-A and UV-B light. «I think the response was tremendous worldwide, we're not just talking about Singapore. We've got every day I can say we get enquiries all over the world, no less than 10 enquiries per day. This is obviously a new innovation, a first in the world. And in fact even [website] Mobile Robot Guide has awarded us yesterday as the most innovative UV robot in the year 2020, so I think it has been a big game-changer in the UV robot industry,» Ling Ting Ming told Ruptly. The company is set to run a trial of O-RX at the Wisma Atria shopping centre in Singapore starting from July 15.

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