Simply radishing! Oaxaca's red veggies go all out on Night of the Radishes

Elaborate displays of radish sculptures attracted thousands of people as Oaxaca celebrated the annual Night of the Radishes on Friday. Tourists and locals alike flocked to the square to view the radish carvings. The artists take part in a competition for the best sculptures, winning cash prizes. Unlike your average Western radishes, their Mexican counterparts can grow to around 50 centimetres... Еще long (19.6 inches) and can weigh up to 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds). One tourist from the US stated, «it is really a miracle for me to have this opportunity to see this,» adding: «these works are works of genius.» As explained by one artist, the tradition is over a century old tradition when farmers on Christmas Eve would ornate their stands with vegetables and legumes. «And now in homage to them it is customary to do the Night of the Radishes,» he added.

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