Shere Khan't believe it! Man called Zhu keeps 62 TIGERS as PETS

A forty-year old former soldier showcased the 62 tigers he keeps as pets on his farm in Changsha, Hunan Province, China on Monday. The ferocious felines were bred by Zhu Yugang from five nine-month-old tiger cubs he bought from north-eastern China when he left the military in 2007. In order to adapt the wild cats to the local climate as well as establish a proper, comfortable habitat, he... Еще invited a research group of veterinarians and breeders. Over the course of seven years, Mr. Yugang bred the tigers until he had an astonishing 62. «Human greed and overdevelopment have already reduced living space for tigers. We have continued the species via artificial rearing,» Mr. Zhu said. His aim is to “simulate the wild environment” and use artificial breeding as a way to preserve the species. Mr. Yugang works with a genetics research team so as to “keep the good genes to make sure the tigers won’t die out.”
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