Shainghai's 'Most Modern Grandpa' goes viral for youthful look

Hu Hai, a 68-year-old man from Shanghai, China, has been praised for his incredibly youthful looks and spirit ever since he won the title of Shanghai's Most Modern Grandpa. «I think 'getting more exercise' means that we should choose the exercise and activities that suit us. It includes physical exercises as well as mental exercises,» Hu said in an interview in Shanghai on Wednesday. Even... Еще though he never pursued a professional athletic career, he credits his passion for physical exercise for his youthful physical appearance and spirit. Hu practices yoga, meditation and hanging upside down for 30 minutes a day to keep in shape. But what truly makes Hu look so much younger than his age is his attitude. He claims that he continues to feel 20-year-old and will probably feel that way till he draws his last breath. Hu first made headlines in China two years ago, when he participated in a local talent show for senior citizens in Shanghai, shocking both the audience and the jury with his boyish looks and attitude, which greatly contrasted with his age. Since then, he appeared regularly on television, in fashion magazines and at modelling events.

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