Sex on legs! — Colombian twins Ballet-Latin fusion is viral hit

Colombian twins Alejandra and Andrea Salamance took the internet by storm with their sexy ballet dance to Daddy Yankee’s recent hit 'Dura.' The sisters talked about their success with the #DuraChallenge at their 'Up Stage' studio in Cali on Thursday. Dancing on the tips of their toes, the identical twins mix classical ballet with latin-infused pop to great effect. Through various shares and... Еще repostings on Instagram, the video has now been viewed more than 7 million times. Alejandra and Andrea both trained as professional ballet dancers, eventually joining the Colombian Ballet Company at the age of 16. After working with several dance troupes abroad, the sisters were inspired to set up a dance school in their home country. Here they developed a new method called 'ballet fitness.' In their own words, «it is a discipline, which mixes classical technique, some movements of classical technique, but there is also a fusion with fitness movements.»

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