Serbia: Vucic casts ballot in first parliamentary election after COVID-19 outbreak

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic cast his ballot in the first national elections since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, on Sunday. «I am very satisfied that by noon today there were no serious incidents in the polling stations. Elections are democratic, there are fewer incidents than ever; since the beginning of our multiparty system, we never had such few incidents. I believe in success. I hope for success and good result» said President Aleksandar Vucic. Most of the opposition leaders called on supporters to boycott the elections and accusing president Aleksandar Vucic of controlling the media, using internet trolls and manipulating the electoral system. «I am waiting for results and I hope we win at least 1,700,000, or 1,800, 000 votes. Now, after the eight years in power, and despite all the negative campaign from the tycoon media, having that turnout would be a success, something one can only dream about,» added Vucic. Serbians are electing a new parliament, as well as representatives in the provincial legislature in Vojvodina and local municipalities today. It is the first national election since the COVID-19 outbreak and the main question will be whether the turnout will be above 50 per cent as it takes place amid a premature easing of lockdown restrictions, the concern is whether the voters will stay at home out of fear of the COVID-19 virus. Elections were originally scheduled for April 26 but were postponed after the first cases of COVID-19 occurred in Serbia. Given the relatively few deaths in the country until now, the pandemic has boosted Vucic’s popularity.

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