Serbia: Tens of thousands return for eighth week of anti-government protests

Tens of thousands of Serbians gathered for the eighth round of anti-government protests in Belgrade on Saturday. Protesters in the Serbian capital joined demonstrators all around the country to protest political corruption and violence in a movement that has gained the motto '1 in 5 million' — a reference to President Aleksandar Vucic's statement that even if five million protesters showed up on... Еще the streets, he still would not give in to their demands. One protester, Isidora Arsenijevic, said: «I'm here because things in Serbia do not work. The State is expected to serve the people, and this does not happen. They are taking everything for themselves, giving us minimal salaries, no jobs.» The demonstrations began on November 23, after opposition politician Borko Stefanovic was attacked and beaten in the southern city of Krusevac. Police arrested three suspects, but they were later released on December 25. The incident spurred opposition and civic organisations into action, who called for protests against threats to democracy and the suppression of different voices in parliament and everyday life.

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