Serbia: Self-proclaimed 'micronation' Liberland opens office in Serbia

Footage from Friday showcased the office of the self-proclaimed «micronation» of Liberland in Belgrade, which opened earlier this week. Founder and President of Liberland Vít Jedlička announced this little nation in an uninhabited parcel between Croatia and Serbia in 2015. «Serbia was the most friendly and favourable country towards Liberland, so, how did Liberland come to be? So you have... Еще Croatia, there's a piece of land on the Danube. Croatia says it belongs to Serbia, Serbia says it doesn't belong to them, which makes Liberland unclaimed territory», explained Representative of Liberland in Serbia Daniel Dabek. «The most important reason why we opened the office in Belgrade is because Serbia is Liberland's closest neighbour», said Dabek. Liberland is a nation built upon a cryptocurrency economy and blockchain technology, which is why, according to Dabek, «most people who are visiting this office are mainly locals who want to learn about cryptocurrency, or about blockchain technology, or about citizenship in Liberland, or starting a business there». Liberland, on the Danube River between Serbia and Croatia, is seven square kilometers (three square miles) wide. It was proclaimed in 2015 by Czech politician Vit Jedlicka and has adopted bitcoin as its national currency. Other cryptocurrencies are also accepted. Although it has not been officially recognised by any nation, Liberland received 480,000 citizenship applications by the end of 2017.

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