Serbia: Second protest against political violence hits Belgrade

A second protest against violence in politics swept through Belgrade as thousands of people demanded an end to what they believe is political repression in the country. The protest, called 'No more bloodied shirts,' is the second of its kind and was organised after an attack on opposition leader Borko Stefanovic left him bloodied and beaten in southern city of Krusevac late last month. The... Еще incident spurred opposition and civic organisations into action, who called for protests against threats to democracy and the oppression of different voices in the parliament and in everyday life. Protesters marched through the streets of Belgrade chanting slogans such as «Out with him» and «You won't get away with this,» referring to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Demonstrators could also be seen holding banners reading 'One of the five million,' referring to President Vucic's statement that he would not meet protesters' demands even if five million people showed up on the street. Belgrade University professor Dragan Teodorovic, who was a speaker at the protest, announced that protests would continue until fair elections are called.

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