Serbia: Riot police deployed despite Kosovo game axed

Riot police were deployed on Friday despite the Serbian government cancelling a planned match between the women's junior handball teams from Serbia and Kosovo due to rising tensions and fears of possible clashes. Various nationalist organisations and hooligans had announced that they would protest and prevent the match from happening. Despite the cancellation of the event, a group of 4 people... Еще showed up in Kovilovo and protested anyway. The government called off the match after videos showed Serbian fans heading to Kovilovo, near Belgrade, where the match was supposed to take place, singing nationalist songs. Serbian Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said that he wanted to avoid any violent clashes between Serbian fans and police. Before the final decision of cancelling the event, it was agreed that the match would be played in Serbia without fans or media present, and without national anthems or the display of national symbols. Kosovo proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2008 but Serbia doesn't recognise it and consider it part of its territory. Kosovo’s independence from Serbia is severely resented by nationalist Serbs.

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