Serbia: Police clash with protesters outside National Assmebly building

Clashes continued between protesters and riot police outside the Serbian National Assembly building in Belgrade late on Friday night. «We want a better life. We don't care who is in power. Is it Vucic, is it Djilas (representative of one of the opposition parties in Serbia), anyone, just to work in the interest of the citizens and all of us,» explained a protester at the gathering. The protests were prompted by the president's announcement that another lockdown will be reimposed following a recent spike in coronavirus cases, just a few days after the parliamentary elections. In addition, reports of the government downplaying actual coronavirus statistics further sparked the public's ire. «We demand the resignation of Aleksandar Vucic. The situation in the country is simply not good. We don't have a government, it hasn't been formed yet, and the elections are literally, we have two parties in the Parliament and a third that is allegedly oppositional. So, nothing is right. Nothing is right,» demanded protester Branislav. Protesters expressed their anger with the current political situation in the country, holding placards reading «Dictator,» aimed at President Vucic as well as others reading «Police, you are accomplices» and «Stop economic colonisation.»

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