Serbia: Police block nationalists from disrupting Albanian cultural festival

Several hundreds far-right protesters rallied in Belgrade, Wednesday, against the opening of the Mirdita festival, which promotes Kosovo-Albanian culture. Demonstrators gathered in front of the Saint Sava temple before marching to the venue, where the Mirdita festival was taking place, but were stopped by police barricades. Some of the protesters were dressed in surgical uniforms, remembering... Еще Kosovo's illegal organ trafficking. «Belgrade will preserve its patriotism; Belgrade will preserve whole Serbia and free all occupied Serbian territories. And these betrayers will be like old yellow leaves on which everybody will spit and step on; those who have children, their children will be ashamed forever,» said leader of Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Seselj. «While provocations which aim to ethnically clean Kosovo and Metohija from Serbian people are still ongoing, they organise Mirdita festival in the heart of Belgrade annulling our cultural heritage and promoting the so-called autochthonous culture of Kosovo, which doesn't really exist,» added leader of Zavetnici party Milica Djurdjevic. The Mirdita, dobar dan» ('Good day' in Albanian and Serbian) Festival is been organised by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights to encourage dialogue with the former province of Kosovo, whose declaration of independence is not recognised by Belgrade.

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