Serbia: Pimp Tito's Ride! Yugoslav leader’s rare Packard restored

Folk singer Milos Bojanic spoke on camera about the arduous task of restoring a Packard owned by former Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito's, at his workshop in Novi Sad on Tuesday. «This car is priceless because it is a collector's car,» said Bojanic, adding that a very limited number of Packards in this model were ever manufactured. «Because its engine is very large and it takes a lot of... Еще petrol, the owner took out all his parts and did who knows what with them and replaced its engine with a Mercedes diesel engine, gear stick, cardan,» added Bojanic. «When I began the restoration I had to do everything from scratch. We had to get the parts for it, so we bought in America this other Packard which you saw up front, so we could use it for spare parts,» he added. The Packard car, manufactured in 1948 in a series of 1019 cars, was given to Tito as a present by another world leader. It is thought that there are only 30 fully-operational Packard cars in the world. Once completed, Bojanic's car would be the 31st.

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