Serbia: Is this really the world’s most expensive Christmas tree?

Belgrade’s Christmas tree is worth an eye-watering €83,000 ($98.455), ranking it among the world’s most expensive, in footage taken from one of city’s main shopping thoroughfares on Sunday. The 18-metre tree, loosely hung with decorations costs more than New York’s installation at the Rockefeller centre or even Rome’s infamous ‘mangy’ Christmas tree. Since it was put on display earlier this... Еще week, many residents of Belgrade have left messages under the tree criticising the mayor and local authorities. Belgrade’s Mayor Sinisa was forced to cancel the contract with the company Keep Light, after whistle-blowers revealed the astounding final bill, which equates to roughly €5,000 ($5931) per square metre. Under pressure, Keep Light have now decided to donate the tree to the people of Belgrade.

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