Senior defence chiefs backs Maduro after Constituent Assembly vote, US sanctions

Venezuela’s military high command backed President Nicolas Maduro in a joint statement from Caracas, Tuesday, after the US Treasury announced sanctions against the Latin American leader one day earlier. Venezuela’s Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez stated that «The Bolivarian National Armed Forces holds on more than ever to its constitutionally assigned mission. It ratifies its... Еще unconditional support and loyalty to our commander-in-chief.” “This homeland of Bolivar, this homeland of Zamora, this homeland of Chavez does not receive orders nor accept threats from foreign powers or empires,” he added. Lopez went on to defend Maduro after US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin referred to the president as a “dictator” following elections in Venezuela on Sunday for the National Constituent Assembly. Despite violent clashes breaking out throughout the weekend, in which at least two people were killed, 8 million people voted in the election, choosing representatives to form an assembly that will have the power to draft a new Venezuelan constitution.

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