See police dog tooting truck horn after it discovers heroin package

Footage released on Saturday captured a police dog, nicknamed «Gimbo», repeatedly pushing the horn of a vehicle when it found more than half a dozen gramms of heroin, concealed inside a storage compartment of the truck, during a search operation in Rimini, Emilia-Romagna Region. After the dog pushed the horn, the police officers enthusiastically exclaimed, «Bravo, bravo!» The suspect, a 45... Еще-year-old resident of Rimini who hails from Basilicata, had been under the police's radar for suspicion of carrying illegal substances during his frequent travels as a freelance driver. In the night before the raid, police were informed that the suspect would be arriving to Rimini from Puglia where he had gone for work. Police officers were stationed at Rimini's southern toll booth on Friday night to await the arrival of the suspect in the city. The search operation took place after the vehicle passed through Rimini's southern toll booth at 04:00 local time (02:00 GMT) on Saturday. The subsequent search of the suspect's home reportedly led to the discovery of further amounts of heroin. Following the operation, the suspect was detained on drug-trafficking charges.
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