See drone footage of three enormous Russian landfill sites

Drone footage captured three masive landfills which have caused health problems this winter for the locals in the towns of Volokolamsk, Klin and Kolomna in Moscow Region on Friday. People living near the Yadrovo landfill in Volokolamsk have repeatedly complained about the air quality near the site, saying the fumes cause symptoms such as headache, stomach ache and nausea. On March 21, the toxic... Еще gases caused the hospitalisation of dozens of children, according to media reports. The city’s administration has promised that the degasification of the Yadrovo landfill is due to start on April 14 and be finished by mid-June. The situation is similar in the towns of Klin and Kolomna, where the locals have also expressed concerns over the state of landfill sites. In Klin, northeast of Moscow, locals have held recurring demonstrations against the stink from the Aleksinsky Quarry rubbish dump. The city’s authorities have so far planned to buy gas analysers to monitor the landfill’s emissions. In Kolomna, the locals have tried blocking the road to the town’s Volovichi dump, refusing to let garbage trucks from Moscow enter the compound. The authorities are due to present their plan to solve the problems with the landfill by the end of April. There is no state-run recycling programme in Russia or in its capital, and all trash, whether it's household waste, glass, plastic, paper or metal, still goes into the same bin.

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