Seattle arcade introduces hands-free pinball for cornavirus times

Add-a-Ball Amusements in Fremont neighbourhood of Seattle has adapted to coronavirus pandemic safety measures with a new invention, the hands-free pinball machine with pedals, as seen on Monday. Travis Echert, the owner of beloved Add-a-Ball Amusements in Seattle, came up with the idea to invent a new way to play pinball, providing safety to visitors in the times of COVID-19 pandemic. Travis and his fellow business rerouted the machines so everything would be controlled by feet. This creates a hands-free way to play old school pinball games. With its recent reopening on October 21, the machine was finally introduced as the so-called 'Zero-touch pinball' to customers. «We've got three-games, we took all the buttons out, designed unique patented launchers,» Travis explained, adding the new pinballs were a hit with the customers. «It's a lot of fun. It takes about one game to get used to because the signal to hit the flipper usually only has to go through your hands, now it has to travel all the way to your feet. So, you're getting a lot of late shots and some missed shots, but once you adjust to it, it's pretty easy to play and it's just fun,» Travis said.

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