Scourging sinners in El Salvador! Demons WHIP locals for Holy Monday

A unique Easter tradition was celebrated in the Salvadorian town of Texistepeque on Holy Monday, in which people dressed up as 'Talciguines', a demon clad in red, and whipped the locals to 'cleanse them of their sins.' Footage shows the Talciquines as they moved about the streets of Texistepeque and whipped people who crossed their path. One of the Talciquines, Gusatvo Acevedo, stopped to... Еще speak and explained that the tradition is «unique and it's not a copy from anywhere. It is basically a syncretism where the pagan and Christian traditions unite.» The tradition's belief is that each lash purifies the soul and rids people of their sins. In the end, Jesus emerges to defeat evil and close the ceremony.

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