Scientists hope to recycle radioactive waste into 'ultra-long life' power

Nuclear waste from power plants could be recycled to create 'ultra-long-life' power sources, according to a team of researchers from the University the Bristol. Scientists are developing diamond batteries which use energy from radioactive materials in the hope of transforming waste from decommissioned power stations across the UK. They were seen at work in Bristol on Wednesday. «What we'll be... Еще looking for is higher power devices which will incorporate much bigger diamond material or stacks of materials,» Scott said. He explained: «[They] take ten to 15 years to get towards devices we could use in satellites, or spacecrafts, and perhaps one day, long in the future, maybe even mobile phones.» Potential applications range from powering hearing aids and pacemakers to the automotive sector. «We might have four diamond batteries in your car, not to power it along the road but to tell the car when the pressure in the tires is getting low,» Scott added.

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