Saudi Arabia: 'Iran world's greatest terror sponsor' — Sec of State Pompeo

Newly-appointed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlighted the need for unity in the Persian/Arabian Gulf and singled out Iran as the region's chief antagonist during a press conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in Riyadh on Sunday. Pompeo pointed the finger at Tehran, adding that Saudi security was a 'priority' for the United States «Iran destabilises this entire region... Еще. It supports proxy militias and terrorist groups,» he said. «It supports the murderous Assad regime as well. Unlike the prior administration, we will not neglect the vast scope of Iran's terrorism. It is indeed the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world.» He also assured that the US 'will continue to assist Saudi Arabia with its defence needs and support its right to defend its own borders.'

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