Santa Jaws! Nativity scene installed in Spanish shark tank

Staff at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium braved shark-infested waters to erect their traditional nativity scene on in the Spanish capital on Thursday. An expert team of two biologists and two aquarists undertook the 30-minute operation, diving to a depth of four meters in 23 degrees Celsius water (73.4 degrees Fahrenheit.) One of the four divers, biologist Javier Garcia, explained there was little... Еще danger involved for the workers, he said due to sharks' 'very, very low metabolism,' in the wild they eat once a week or even once a fortnight, whereas in the aquarium they are fed twice a week. He described the animals as 'just the opposite of what we imagine.' The aquatic nativity scene has been a yearly tradition since Zoo Aquarium Madrid's opening in 1995.

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