San Jose: Students protest against speech by anti-Islam author at Stanford University

Tens of students of the Stanford University in San Jose, gathered to protest against controversial writer Robert Spencer, known for his fierce criticism of Islam and co-founder of the group 'Stop Islamization of America', who spoke on the university's campus on Tuesday. Stanford College Republicans invited Robert Spencer to speak at the university and used school funds to support his visit and... Еще his security requirements. «This is someone I disagree with so I'm here to try if I can get in or if someone leaves and then I can get a seat, understand his perspective and maybe understand a little bit about why he came to that perspective,» said Stanford student and protester. «He's got this jihad-watch website and some of our own students have been featured on the website, calling them leftist fascists,» another student said of Spencer, adding «there is a really large portion of student population that's uncomfortable in their own living environment because he's here.» Robert Spencer is an author who writes about the dangers of Islamisation in the US and has a 'counter-jihad' website that targets people who oppose his beliefs.

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