Russian firm shows off their industrious cargo drone in Kazan

The Russian firm 'SKYF' demonstrated the abilities of their cargo drones in Kazan on Thursday with a test flight. «In principle the product is quite competitive. Moreover, practically no one has such machines with a 350 kg (771 lbs) load capacity and a 300 km (186 miles) range of flight,» General Director of Russian Venture Company Alexander Povalko said. During the demonstration it was said... Еще that the device had a lot of potential and foreign clients were interested in it. SKYF CEO Alexander Timofeev explained that the first area of activity the drone would work is in crop dusting, where it could fill in a specific niche and help to reduce costs. «The first niche is aviation chemical work, then near the end of the year we plan to bring to market a cargo version, that is, a version that will deliver cargo in hard-to-reach areas without a pilot,» Timofeev said.

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