Russian: Doctor comments on ‘serious condition’ of rescued Magnitogorsk baby

Reporter: “You showed them yourself?” SOT, Evgeny Fokin, Father of rescued boy (Russian): “Yeah, I showed them myself; they started clearing the rubble there.” Reporter: “Did you hear the cry then?” SOT, Evgeny Fokin, Father of rescued boy (Russian): “No, they were clearing the rubble from one side, then from the other side, then they stopped work. I met one rescuer there, gave him my number... Еще, he called me then. Said they have found [my baby] and we came here.” Magnitogorsk hospital doctor Viktoria Boyko said on Tuesday that the 10-month old boy, Ivan, rescued from the collapsed residential building remains in a serious condition. «The child was conscious when he arrived and taken to an operating room, [UNCLEAR] at the moment the child remains in serious condition under artificial ventilation, sedated. The diagnosis is multiple traumata, crush syndrome, hypothermia, third and fourth degree frostbite of the right foot, closed fracture to the right shinbone, multiple bruises to the head, trunk and limbs,» she said. He is expected to be flown to the Moscow Paediatric Surgery and Traumatology Centre for treatment. Earlier on Tuesday, EMERCOM announced a 10-month old baby had miraculously survived around 36 hours under the rubble. Having previously announced a halt to the rescue operation owing to the risk of the building collapsing further, rescuers leapt into action again after hearing cries from the debris. Ivan survived because he was wrapped up warm in his cot when the building collapsed. The emergency services also employed hot air blowers to stave off the cold. At about 0600 on Monday an entire section of a 10-storey tower block in Magnitogorsk collapsed, causing dozens to be trapped under debris. According to the local governor, 50 people were in the building at the time it collapsed, nine people are now known to have died.

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