Russian: Attempts to kick Huawei out of market start of ‘first technological war’ — Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that attempts to kick Chinese technology company Huawei out of the global market marks the start of the “first technological war,” speaking at the plenary session of the Saint Petersburg international economic forum on Friday. Putin criticised “those who are used to the exceptionalism and permissiveness” for attempting to torpedo the Nord Stream 2 project... Еще and that this “destructive practise” has moved on to newly-formed markets, adding “attempts not just to challenge Huawei, but to kick it out from the market, for instance, in certain circles, this is even called the first technological war of the digital era.» “China is ready to share with all partners the technological inventions and know-how, in particular, the 5G technology and to create additional key advantages as well as to change the model of economic growth,” Chinese President Xi Jinping said. Earlier the day Chinese telecom company Huawei signed an agreement with Russian telecommunications leader MTS to build a 5G network within Russia. Earlier this week US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that limits foreign involvement in the nation's carrier networks due to security threats it may pose, including banning Huawei from selling 5G equipment in the US. Huawei earlier responded, saying its technologies and equipment pose no threat to US security.

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