Russian Aladdin discovers a whole new world on self-made MAGIC carpet

Russia's very own Aladdin impersonator, Pavel Kovalev, took his self-made magic carpet for a ride around the streets of Ekaterinburg, Saturday, much to the delight of local residents. Kovalev completed his fairytale image by holding onto a magic lamp that puffed wisps of electric blue smoke into the air regular intervals. His mystic manoeuvers caught the attention of local residents, with one... Еще even stopping to take a selfie. «This has already been done on American YouTube. I just wanted to do it in Russia, specifically in Ekaterinburg, just to please the citizens. I added the Aladdin lamp to make sure I wasn't copying anyone,» explained Kovalev. The unique carpet is made from plywood. An electric skateboard serves as the wheels.
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