Russian adrenaline junkies break the ice and floe down the Don River!

Ice floe rider (Russian): «Frankly speaking I offered her the chance to be afloat today while I would have stayed with our daughter. She planned to take part in a photoshoot with her, so I am here.» Reporter (Russian): «Please describe your job». Ice floe rider (Russian): «We have an engineering company, expert appraisal of industrial safety, civil and structural design.» Footage released on... Еще Monday shows men cutting off an ice floe with an axe and riding it down the Don River in Russia's Voronezh region. The riders broke two of their three chainsaws while cutting the ice and they then used a motorboat to push the floe down the river. Fifteen Russians from around the country went wakeboarding, played the guitar and made a camp fire right on the ice floe. As a wakeboarder came back to the ice floe, it broke into pieces. So the men carried all the equipment onto one piece and continued the trip. According to the organisers, the participants were engineers, accountants and lawyers, not just adrenaline junkies.

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