Russia: Zhukovsky airport deputy head comments on Ural Airlines emergency landing

Zhukovsky airport’s deputy director said on Thursday that all passengers aboard the Ural Airlines flight U6178 will be compensated for the emergency landing. “Based on the airline’s decision as well as the decision made by insurance company, all the passengers will receive a 100,000 roubles compensation,” said Vladimir Solodinin, first deputy director general of the Zhukovsky airport. The Ural... Еще Airlines plane was en route to Simferopol from Moscow with 233 people aboard when its engines malfunctioned due to a flock of birds being ingested by the turbines, according to Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency. Ural Airlines tweeted that “On flight U6178, when flying out of Zhukovsky, there was a large hit of birds in the aircraft engines. The plane made an emergency landing. Passengers and crew were not injured.” All passengers and seven crew members survived the rough landing, although 24 people were injured, according to Russia’s Ministry of Health.

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