Russia: WWII Panzer III replica spotted in Russian Stary Oskol

A replica of the German WWII medium tank Panzer III was spotted in Russian Stary Oskol on Friday. The Panzer III was made from scratch by two enthusiasts — brothers Mikhail and Aleksander Sheptayevs. «We turned to Kubinka museum in Moscow which is now called Park Patriot. People there granted us access to the [German] tanks where we used a tape-measure to measure the sizes,» said Mikhail... Еще Sheptayev. Aleksander Sheptayev added that they have plans to build a copy of T-34 tank. Apart from this tank Sheptayev brothers have made many other WWII military equipment replicas including trucks, SUVs and armored vehicles. The Panzer III is a medium tank developed in the 1930s by Germany. It was extensively used during the World War II by the army of Nazi Germany and several other countries.

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