Russia: Would-be flight 6W703 passenger recounts fortunate birthday escape *EXCLUSIVE*

Maxim Kolomeitsev, a lucky would-be passenger of flight 6W703, recounted the sequence of events that led him to return his ticket during an interview given in Sochi on Sunday. Kolomeitsev was due to travel to Orsk on his birthday, however, he was forced to cancel his booking with Saratov Airlines because repairs to his new car were delayed by a week. Some local media have taken to referring to a... Еще 'second birthday' thanks to Kolomeitsev's lucky escape. Asked what he thought of the tragedy and the twist of fate, the 37-year-old who originally hails from Orsk said, «I don't even know what to say. Should I be sad or not? I want to say the following: I offer my condolences to everyone.» The Russian An-148 airliner crashed near the village of Stepanovskoye in the Moscow Region, killing all 71 on board. The plane was flying to the city of Orsk when it vanished from radar screens shortly after it took off from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, before reportedly crashing some 80 kilometres (50 miles) south-east of the capital.

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