Russia: World's communists gather at Moscow forum to mark October revolution centenary

Socialists and Communists gathered at an International forum of the Left, in Moscow on Monday, to mark 100 years since the Russian Communist revolution of 1917. The forum, which was held under the banner «October 1917: breakthrough towards socialism» brought left wing representatives of parliamentary parties from 85 different countries, including the USA, North Korea and Germany. The leader of... Еще Russian Communist Party Gennadi Zyuganov told the audience that members of the Left should support the communists of countries that are experiencing a rise in Nazism and also the citizens against the “criminal authorities of Poland and the Baltic states who destroy Soviet monuments to heroes and liberators.” He stressed that Socialism should be “against NATO aggressive policy” and should “rebuff attempts of fascist revenge.” US Communist Party representative Hiley Scott said that left ideas are becoming increasingly popular in the US as, “Capitalist democracy has been unable to deliver many of its promises of prosperity and opportunity.” The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the October revolution have been taking place in Russia since 1 November. They will finish with a Communist rally in Moscow city centre on 7 November, the day when the revolution began in 1917.

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