Russia: World must not «reach point of no return» — Zakharova on Korean Peninsula tensions

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova urged the global community not to reach a «point of no return» in a weekly press briefing in Moscow, Thursday. Zakharova touched on topics including tensions on the Korean Peninsula and the crisis in Venezuela. Zakharova made it clear that Russia sought a peaceful solution to the build-up of tensions with North Korea. “Any attempt to solve... Еще the Korean Peninsula with force will lead to a tragedy of enormous proportions, huge casualties among the population of all conflicting parties, it would be a humanitarian, economic and environmental catastrophe,” she stated. «We urge all countries to show restraint, [to adhere] to real efforts to prevent the situation from reaching the point of no return,” she added. Tensions have increased between the US and North Korea after Pyongyang made advances in its missile testing, which led to an exchange of aggressive rhetoric between the two states. Commenting on the ongoing political upheaval in Venezuela, Zakharova advised against pressurising authorities in the South American country. She said “the position of some world leaders who just do not notice the new political realities emerging in Venezuela cannot be anything but a cause for concern.» She described attempts to disrupt the situation as having a «destructive effect.»
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