Russia: ‘We wish him only one thing — health’ — Magnitogorsk ‘miracle baby’s’ rescuer

EMERCOM department head Pyotr Gritsenko, the man who rescued the 10-month old Ivan Fokin from the rubble of the collapsed residential building in Magnitogorsk, said that “the strongest and bravest men can envy the fortitude of Vanya,” while speaking to Ruptly in Moscow on Monday “When I finally saw him [Ivan], on one hand, I exhaled with relief that I finally found him. And Vanya, too, when we... Еще made eye contact with him, he stopped crying and calmed down,” he said. “I had just one thought — to give him [the baby] to emergency doctors as soon as possible,” Gritsenko said. “I checked his hands and feet. I made sure that they were not clamped and could get them out, I saw that the leg was broken. In the safest way, I put him in my arms, got out of the rubble,” he added. Ten-month old infant Ivan Fokin spent about 36 hours in freezing conditions under the rubble of the collapsed building in Magnitogorsk. He was found by the rescue team on January 1st. Fokin was then delivered to the local hospital in critical condition with multiple injuries and hypothermia. The same day the infant was transported by plane from Magnitogorsk to Moscow's Research Institute for Children's Emergency Surgery and Traumatology. His mother Olga Fokina travelled with him. Ivan survived because he was wrapped up warm in his cot when the building collapsed. The emergency services also employed hot air blowers to stave off the cold. See Ruptly's previous coverage here:

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