Russia: ‘We should be ready to react appropriately to US media restrictions’ — Pushkov

Member of Russia's Federation Council and former head of Foreign Affairs Committee, Alexei Pushkov, commented on a potential Russian backlash to US restrictions on Russian media, in particular Russia Today, in Moscow, Thursday. Pushkov said that Russia would “have to shoot back” given that “the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence clearly said that the USA are in a 'state of information... Еще war' with Russia.» The senior Russian politician dismissed the attempts to single out RT due to the fact that it is state media saying that “in the USA, at least, in the field of foreign policy, the leading media outlets are state-affiliated,» before adding that the US media “fully pursues the state policy.” Talking about potential criteria which can be developed and enacted by Russia in response to disruptive activity of foreign media, the Federation Council official referred to the Western experience, pointing out that Russia could impose similar criteria as “due impartiality” and “essential objectivity”.

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