Russia: 'We should admit people really want this President,' says Sobchack as Putin claims victory

Russian presidential candidate for the Civic Initiative Party Ksenia Sobchack said that «what we should be realistic about is the huge amount of support of Putin,» in an interview from her campaign headquarters in Moscow on Sunday, shortly following the announcement of the preliminary results of the 2018 Russian presidential election. «This result, maybe, would be not 75% but 68% or whatever... Еще. But still we should admit that the majority of people really want this President,» she said. She went on to say: «Of course, it's not the result I would dream about, but my campaign was not about the result, my campaign was about talking truth on the propagandistic channels.» «The only way to fight with this system is to unite all the people with liberal values,» Sobchack concluded. According to information made public by the Central Election Commission of Russia (CEC), incumbent Russian president Vladimir Putin is now leading with over 76 percent of the vote.

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