Russia: 'We scored beautifully' — Cherchesov on Russia friendly against Spain

Russian national football team manager, Stanislav Cherchesov, stated that Russia played «well» in the friendly against Spain, in which they earned a draw 3-3, when speaking at a press conference in St. Petersburg on Tuesday. Cherchesov noted, «What we did not manage to do in the first game, we were able to do today, more or less. We played well today. We already play the second game here. We won... Еще the first game and snatched a draw in the second quality match.» When asked to assess the game of the Spanish team, he said that «their coach can assess if they played well. I don't want to meddle in their business. We played not quite the way we should have, but still we played quite well, and it was interesting for spectators.» Cherchesov stressed that the his team had made mistakes which they should fix, however, adding that «for the most part, we were able to use the things that we are honing. I believe we scored beautifully.» He also expressed concern about goalkeeper Andrei Lunyov's injury, stating, «We are waiting for the diagnosis of Andrei Lunyov. He was hit decently hard in the head.»

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