Russia: «We know who's behind attacks on Russian bases. Not Turkey» — Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he is sure that «neither Turkish military no Turkish authorities» were involved in attacks on Russian bases in Syria, while meeting with executive editors of Russian print media in Moscow on Thursday. He went on saying that «there were provocateurs there, but not Turks. And we know them.» He added that such provocations aim to disrupt earlier reached... Еще agreements, and to worsen Russia's relations with Turkey and Iran. Russian President added that «What about these attacks, we know that they were well prepared, we know when and how these drones were transferred.» «These drones were camouflaged as armature. In reality there are high technological elements there.» noted the President. Talking about foreign negative reaction on Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalniy not being allowed to participate in Russian Presidential elections in 2018, Putin said: «If they [American administration, foreign leaders] poke their noses everywhere, they must be ready for the responses to the challenges they stimulate themselves.» «No one likes when someone is interfering in their own deals, but with pleasure interferes in the deals of others. This is what comes to mind when I hear that Congress and someone else reacted to someone being forbidden to take part in elections.» He also said that while Navalniy isn't the only candidate, other candidates aren't talked about as much. «It obviously shows the preferences of the American administration and the heads of other states and shows who they themselves want to promote in Russian political sphere,» Putin concluded.

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